Although I never worked in the creative department, I made it to a Cannes Finalist in 2012. It was an activation to bring awareness of bags with bombs in the Mumbai local trains. All thanks to a great and enduring relationship with my creative director Ryan Menezes
Happy to have won an Atticus Award in 1997 when I was at JWT Johannesburg. It is given by WPP for original writing in marketing communication. The paper was called 'A Two Way Relationship'. It was an experiment using Transactional Analysis to determine Brand Personality

How the Gig Economy might affect Employment Rates

Counting the Gigs in the Gig Economy For the last couple of years, the current government has been under pressure on employment rates which are seemingly lower than before. But often the reality on the ground doesn’t seem to always match. Over the last few decades, the Indian economy itself has changed.  Once upon a time a large manufacturing and agriculture-led …

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Is the ICC World Cup, India’s Superbowl?

The other day I was having a casual discussion with some marketing experts on whether the ICC World Cup is our Super Bowl.  Yes and No.  The Super Bowl represents the most prestigious marketing event of the year. Which is why it draws so many specially made commercials and each has an aura around it.  Everyone is watching the Super Bowl so marketers …

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Isn’t it time to regulate the Public Relations Industry?

This is a new age when seemingly innocent editorial can be bought, when advertising can actually masquerade as PR and communication campaigns can be built by twitter bots, hate filled websites, editorials, public rallies and speeches. When India set up the Advertising Standards Council of India in 1985 we were in an innocent era when the only misleading communication could …

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The difference between Nationalism and Patriotism

first published on LinkedIn on May 24, 2016 Preamble These two words Patriotism and Nationalism have been bandied around both by the government, the media and the people at large for some time now. Add to that another word that may be related in some way and that is ‘intolerance’. In fact perhaps it is the word intolerance that has …

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Did Identity Politics influence Identity Marketing?

i Over the last 5 years we have seen the rapid rise of what is being called Identity Politics. Where people of a particular race, religion or social background form political alliances and move away from traditional broad-based politics. The election of Donald Trump, the change of government in India and Brexit in the UK in many ways was an …

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The Magical Nostalgia of Old Brands

( This article was first published in THEWIRE.IN on July 7, 2018 ) Brands are like people. They grow old. Some wither and die. Some barely manage to stay alive, and others achieve near immortality. What is it about some brands that can keep them going for hundreds of years while others fade away? Recently Parle-G launched a nostalgia campaign for young millennials, which touched upon memories …

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Are Kellogg and Haldiram strange bedfellows?

With the possibility of an alliance between Kelloggs and Haldirams which of course did not have any official confirmation from either companies, Kellogg and Halidram’s is an interesting combination for a merger. If you look at the history of Kellogg it was the first company to place a dietician and nutritionist in their company, so passionate were they about people’s …

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