How Data Theft is affecting the Elections

Data Theft whether from Aadhar or Facebook has increasingly become a serious thing to worry about. With Cambridge Analytica’s involvement both in the Bihar 2010 polls, the Donald Trump campaign and the Brexit vote, it seems like the world’s population has to be worried about any election being fixed. This is therefore no longer a threat to individuals but to …

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The Uneasy Truce between the Central Bank and the Government

On June 8, 2017, I had written a piece on LinkedIn The Uneasy Truce between the Central Bank and the Government where I had explained how Raghuram Rajan had become the sacrificial goat in the ongoing conflict between the Reserve Bank of India and the Government especially on the issues of Monetary Policy and interest rates. But now it seems …

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How to kill a brand in a week

First published in February 20, 2018   Ad Age published an article 4 days ago where they asked experts what would happen to the brand Nirav Modi as a result of the Punjab National Bank scam, and the experts all said nothing would happen to the brand from a consumer point of view. Nothing could be further from the truth. …

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Who exactly is India’s Middle Class, anyway?

The Economist article ” The Elephant in the Room, India’s missing middle class” published on January 18, 2018, was not always complementary to the Indian economy and its potential, although the article had several truths that might have hit home.  The Economist projected the Indian middle class at 78 million much smaller than other estimates.  India’s newly founded nationalistic pride might …

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Busting the Myth of Generational Targeting

It has become intellectually superior to start any discussion on marketing and advertising with at least one reference to generational targeting. The real question is how relevant is an American view of generations relevant to the rest of the world including India? The Baby Boomers about whom volumes have already been written in America are almost completely irrelevant to large parts …

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Privatisation can’t help. We need a Perestroika!

By simply implanting the government equity with private equity is hardly likely to change the character of public sector banks. Even the objective of the privatization of banks which first started in 1991-1992 during the term of Prime Narasimha Rao is suspect. Was this done to shore up the budget deficit of the government? Or with what purpose was the …

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Pit stop Photoshoot enroute Ahmedabad-Indore

Tata Nano – Many would be sorry to see it go

When Tata Motors MD Guenter Butscheck told the press this week that Tata Nano might see a phase-out in 2019, one couldn’t but help feel a twinge of sadness. After all, the Nano was touted as being the cheapest car in the world in 2009 when it was launched with much aplomb after facing several hurdles. In addition, it represented …

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