Is Amazon just competing with the next e-commerce company?

  When I read the local newspapers today about who is bigger, or who is mightier, or other companies simply disputing Amazon’s growth rates, I was wondering if public at large really think that Amazon is just competing with the next e-commerce company? First of all Amazon wasn’t created to just compete with other e-commerce companies, like some other companies …

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Will India revise its policy on Net Neutrality post the US decision?

  Most of you will remember that TRAI had laid guidelines on net neutrality in 2016. This was on the heels of Facebook offering free internet under certain conditions via Free Basics which started a raging debate in the country on the subject of net neutrality. Jay Parikh, Facebook’s vice-president of engineering, had said a few years ago, “Our mission …

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Namaste Sophia! Welcome to India.

  When Sophia visits the TechFest at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, in less than a week’s time, India will also get a flavor of this already sensationalized artificial intelligence. Developed by Dr. David Hansen of Hansen Robotics, Sophia is a great example of bringing artificial intelligence closest to human beings. Although some purists are critical of sensationalizing AI …

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